ubuntutablet Linux distribution Ubuntu is looking into the market for tablets, smart TVs and other integrated markets. During Ubuntu Developer Summit, Canonical’s founder Mark Shuttleworth urged developers to move the borders for the operating system.

Ubuntu is what many think of when you mention Linux today and unlike the older generation of free operating system it has an easy and intuitive interface similar to any Windows PC. The operating system is very light and free of charge, which makes it popular among enthusiasts and computer builders, but has also been used in cheaper OEM PCs from several vendors.

Last year there was talk of an Ubuntu version for the mobile and embedded market, but this never took off. Something that Canonical – the company behind the operating system – now wants to change. Founder Mark Shuttleworth spoke during the Ubuntu Developer Summit and urged the Ubuntu community to take the operating system outside the traditional PC formfactor.

Alas, there will be no sharp version of a mobile Ubuntu operating system until April 2014 at soonest, when Canonical aims to launch version 14.04. By then it should be able run in everything from onboard computers to tablets.

Source: Engadget

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