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VIA EPIA PX10000is the first product using the new Pico-ITX formfactor and VIA, who is known for its minimalistic platforms really outdone itself. Pico-ITX is, as we’ve previously reported, a vanishingly small platform that measures 10cm x 7.2cm and can fit almost anywhere. But, is it possible to fit any really useful piece of hardware on this tiny area. At they’ve taken a closer look at på VIA EPIA PX10000 to see how the Pico-ITX standard acts and what kind of performance you can expect from the PC market’s smallest formfactor.

”We love how small and quiet this board is. An EPIA CN 10000 Mini-ITX motherboard now seems huge in comparison, but the PX is equally as powerful and consumes less power. In a month or two, the average punter will be able to do things that only people with access to industrial boards could do.”

VIA C7 is not the fastest processor around, but VIA should be praised for its work. Pico-ITX is a great step toward even smaller and more power efficient computers and we can only fantasize about what will be next.


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