Even if we are still waiting for wireless HD streaming technologies to break through the second generation of WirelessHD technology is being prepared. WirelessHD Consortium have revealed some of the news it will bring to the table when it updates the WirelessHD specification. WirelessHD 2.0 will make it easier to stream extremely high bandwidths, between 10-28Gbps which will enable Deep Color and 3D for the new 4K resolutions that are four times higher than the current 1080p standard.

WirelessHD 2.0 also supports the updated copy protection HDCP 2.0 and data transfers up to 1Gbps between different units, such as media players, netbooks or smartphones.

”The dramatic increase in maximum speed achieved in the next generation of the WirelessHD specification will enable WirelessHD to stay far ahead of the bandwidth demands of future high definition source and display devices – John Marshall, chairman Wireless HD Consortium”

The technology uses the 60GHz frequency band to send data between different wireless devices and will be fully backward compatible with the current WirelessHD 1.0 standard launched about a year ago.

Panasonic Z1 Plasma with WirelessHD

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