Small preview imageWLAN, wireless networks, is becoming more and more common these days but we haven’t really had any real ”boom”. Well things will probably change soon and not by PC-products but by regular electronics. On the Taiwanese market home electronice has become the numbre one reason for people to invest in WLAN-modules. Even if the PC-market is still the leading products home electronics is the fastest growing factor, e.g. Sony’s mobile gaming console PSP.

Top three WLAN-manufacturers in Taiwan are looking to increase its productionscales a lot and CyberTan Technology has the right now most positive prognosis and expects to increase with 100-150% during 2005. It looks like WLAN is really on the move and we are sincerely hoping that this will finally kill off the cables. I think you all know how irritating they can be at certain occations.

Source: DigiTimes


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