Intel Sandy Bridge is known to overclock well, and many are pushing their processors to 4.5GHz and beyond on air, but Maingear who is also known for extreme systems has released a laptop with a quad-core Sandy Bridge processor at 4.8GHz.

Maingear eX-L17 3D has to be considered one of the most extreme computers today with frequencies never seen before in a factory built computer. The processor is Intel Core i7-2920XM sporting four cores and 8 threads thanks to HyperThreading, which operates at 2.5GHz and Turbo at 3.5GHz normally, at 55W TDP. But since this is an Extreme Edition from Intel it can be overclocked, even though it is for laptops and Maingear decided to go up to 4.8GHz!


Beside the least to say extreme clock frequency the computer ships with NVIDIA’s fastest mobile circuit, GeForce GTX 485M 2GB GDDR5, up to 16GB DDR3-1600, up to 2 optical units, and 2 2.5″ slots for SSD or harddrives. The choice of SSD are between Intel and OCZ, but the most expensive is two OCZ Vertex 3 480GB.

The display is pretty impressive for a 17.3″ laptop with 1920 x 1080 pixel resoltion and 120Hz for NVIDIA 3D Vision, with LED backlighting and matte finish. The computer has an 8-cell battery and actually only weighs3.9 kg, which is a bit much for a laptop but still impressive when housing such hardware. The price is from 2659 dollar to 8415 dollar depending on configuration, the cheapest overclocked version costs 3724 dollar.

Maingear only ships in the USA, but the Maingear eX-L17 3D did deserve some attention outside the states as well we thought.

Source: BSN*

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