Xigmatek Elysium is a gigantic case on a case that otherwise stride toward minimalism and shrunk components. Elysium is a big-tower case that measures 62cm from toe to head and houses XL-ATX and HPTX format, or for that matter twelve 5.25″ units and 420mm radiators.

Xigmatek Elysium is made from steel and measures 230 x 618 x 663 mm (BxHxD), the weight is set 15.5kg and offers plenty of space. The case supports motherboards of most formfactors, not the least since the extremely large models that sometimes appears. Including EVGA’s mother board SR-2 that supports dual LGA1366 processors and is a wet dream for most overclockers and power users.


  Xigmatek Elysium
Case: Bigtower
Side panel: 200mm fan, can be had with more or less Plexiglass all around
Dimensions (WxHxD): 230 x 618 x 663 mm (BxHxD)
Weight: 15,5 kg
Color: Black, Silver
Formfactors: ATX, HPTX, E-ATX, XL-ATX, Micro-ATX
Cooling (cooling): 2x 120 mm (front,Blackline, white LED)
1x 140 mm (back, Blackline, white LED)
1x 200 mm (left, white LED)
1x 120 mm (back, optional instead of 140 mm)
3x 140 / 120 mm (lid, option)
2x 140 / 120 mm (floor, option)
1x 120 / 80 mm (right, option)
2x Fan Distribution Board (4-pin Molex) for every 5x fan
Bustbuster: Front
Material: Steel
Internal units: 8×3,5” (SSD compatible)
External units: 12×5.25″
1×3.5″ hotswap in the roof
Expansion slots: 10
Power supply: None, room for 2
Connectors 2x USB 3.0
2x USB 2.0
1x eSATA
Audio ports
Other: Room for 360mm or 420mm radiator
7 holes for tubes on the back
Fan controller
Tool-free installation
2x I/O bracket, one for EVGA SR-2
Support for harddrives
Detachable fan module

Besides large motherboards there is room for radiators up to 420mm long, up to 12 5.25″ units, eight 3.5″ units and a 2.5″ units. The case comes with space for a whole lot of fans. Elysium ships with four from factory and all have white LEDs. other exciting functions include dual PSUs, USB 3.0 connectors and a hot-swappable SATA docking station.

The case is sold in black or silver, with and without Plexiglas windows. The first deliveries are expected on May 19th.







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