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A PWM fan controller can adjust the speed of a fan by feeding the engine with pulses of current instead of reduced voltage. The advantage with this is that you can control the speed of the fan more precise, both manually and automatically. Zalman says it has now launched the world’s first PWM-based fan controller, PWM Mate, which is intended to be used with your 4-pin CPU fan, and can control the power of the fan between 25% and 100% speed.

The user can either let the controller handle the fan speed at three different settings, or simply set the speed using the control wheel. The unit measures 55 (L) x 24 (B) x 13.5 (H) mm and use a 4-pin fan connector to connect to the motherboard and then to to the fan.

The fan controller was first presented with the company’s CNPS10X series of coolers, but is not available all by itself. Price and availability pending.

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