OCZ has anounced another PCI Express SSD, but this time the focus isn’t on the retail channel. OCZ VeloDrive targets system builders where the PCIe interface and four SandForce SF-1565 controllers can reach speeds up to 1 GB/s and 130,000 IOPS.

OCZ VeloDrive builds on the last generation SandForce architecture with four controllers and the PCIe x8 interface allows for their full potential to come through. The capacities available are 300GB, 600GB and 1.2TB, and all use cost efficeint MLC NAND flash memory circuits. 

OCZ points out that the VeloDrive can be configured and can be installed in low-profile systems with tranditional expansion cards. The SSD can choose between hardware and software based RAID and will through PCIe work around the bottlenecks of SATA and SAS.


The specifications are also impressive where the units in a software mode can reach over 1GB/s at read and write of compressed ata, while the smaller models can do up to 130,000 IOPS when writing small random files.

With SandForce controllers under the hood the performance drops noticeably with uncompressable data, but is still relatively high. OCZ VeloDrive comes with MTBF at 2,500,000 hours and three year warranty.

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