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OCZ has officially launched the new Vertex Turbo SSD we reported on last month. Back then it was mentioned that the Turbo version of Vertex reached higher performance through handpicked memory circuits, but now OCZ says that it is rather the cache and memory controller. Or more precise that the clock frequency of both have been increased from 166MHz to 180MHz. And that it has made certain optimizations of the firmware.

As the 64MB cache now operates at 180MHz it has moved performance to 270MB/s read speed and 210MB/s write speed. Specifications that few drives can match without RAID arrays or other setups. How the drives handles during regular use is harder to say.

“The new Vertex Turbo makes use of the fastest SDR DRAM cache available and a proprietary FTL level firmware that provides an even faster solid state drive for enthusiasts looking for the ultimate desktop or laptop storage upgrade.”  

Vertex Turbo will be available in four flavors, 30GB, 60GB, 120GB and 250GB. Prices will be around 10 percent higher than today’s models and covered by 3 year warranty.

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