Today we’re going to look at a side interest of ours. We can probably all agree that Lego is one of the best toys and perhaps even one of the greatest inventions ever. It’s strength is its simplicity in a world that grows more and more complex for each day. Star Wars on the other hand is a hypertechnologic and something we’ve all grown up with or fantasized about. Above all the daredevil Han Solo has been a hero to many youngsters and today we’re going take a look at Lego’s interpretation of his ship, Millennium Falcon.

:: Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon

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Greatest. Review. EVER.

I’d say Nordic Hardware needs a Lego section at this point, and I do hope to see future reviews of other sets! After all, aren’t computers just more expensive/complicated lego sets like the ones we used to build as kids? (or still build now when no one is looking…)