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Plextor has now announced that its PX-B900A Blu-ray burner will arrive in October, a bit later than the September launch we earlier heard rumors of. In its press release Plextor informed that the burner will arrive on the American market during October 2006 and will arrive together with a complete software package containing Ulead VideoStudio 10 and Intervideo WinDVD BD, amongst others. PX-B900A supports both single-layer and dual-layer BD-media but also the current DVD and CD formats. Just as earlier information indicated the unit will be able to burn BD media at 2x speed and uses an 8MB memory buffer. The interface seems to be PATA even if we sincerely hope that there will be a SATA model in the future.

What we’re even more eager to see are some lower prices and that PX-B900A also arrives up here in the north. The recommended price in America will namely be 999.99 USD, just as the previous information revealed. But this is completely up to par with the competition and their first generation BD burners.

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