A while back more or less all planned Ivy Bridge models from Intel were revealed, but the quad-core models with 35W TDP had surprisingly vanished. Three new models has now surfaced and they look like the missing 35W quad-core processors.

Intel’s coming Ivy Bridge will be built at 22nm, and be based on the Sandy Bridge architecture with some improvements. Considering Ivy Bridge will be more efficient it was odd to see that there were no quad-core models at 35W during the first splash, since Intel had told partners that there would be such models. VR-Zone has dug up more information and found three quad-core models rated 35W TDP.

Model Core i7-3610QM Core i7-3612QM Core i7-3615QM
Cores 4 4 4
Threads 8 8 8
Clock frequency
2.3 GHz 2.1 GHz 2.3 GHz
Turbo frequency
3.3 GHz 3.1 GHz 3.3 GHz
L3 cache 6 MB 6 MB 6 MB
Graphics HD 4000 HD 4000 HD 4000
Graphics frequency
650 MHz 650 MHz 650 MHz

The names of these models are not even slightly logical, and we don’t know the difference between Core i7-3610QM and Core i7-3615QM. With the relatively low clock frequencies and high Turbo mode these are most likely the models Intel has mentioned in the past. A lower TDP generally leads to longer battery times, quieter cooling and thinner designs.

We hope to learn more about these quad-core 35W-processors soon, since they are together with the Ultrabook models at 17W among the more interesting models coming with Ivy Bridge.

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