Radeon HD 6870 is expected to become the flagship of AMD’s armada of graphics cards developed under the name Northern Islands. The Caymen GPU, to replace Cypress, will be used in multiple models and according to a leaked benchmark from 3DMark Vantage performance is substantially better than current chips.

According to the screenshots with the claimed Radeon HD 6870, that first appeared on an Asian forum, will be capable of X11963, which can be compared to X10000 with GeForce GTX 480 for for that matter X9000 with Radeon HD 5870.

The screenshot could very well be fake, but what speaks in its favor is the seemingly perfect GPU-Z dump. Both the id, (6718) matches Cayman XT, and name matches earlier rumors. This has been confirmed by Wizzard who developed GPU-Z.


According to these numbers the card will sport 850MHz GPU clock frequency, like HD 5870, but with a considerably higher memory clock; 6 400 MHz, up from 4 800 MHz.

GPU-Z can’t ready any details on the number of stream processors with but with 33% higher memory clock the bandwidth will be over 200GB/s.

If these numbers are genuine AMD has managed to push the performance of Northern Islands with over 32%. This sounds almost too good, but either way we hope that this is an indicator for what to expect from AMD’s new GPUs.

Several more benchmarks were published later on with new Catalyst drivers ( among these we find a 3DMark Vantage Performance benchmark of P24499. This is on the level of Radeon HD 5870 CrossFire (2 cards) with a CPU clock frequency of (4.2 GHz). There are also some impressive numbers from Unigine Heaven and Crysis, but still nothing to confirm the authenticity of the benchmarks.




Source: PCinlife

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