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Rambus is the memory manufacturer that has fallen into the shadows. Just a few years ago it was an important Intel partner. We’ve seen some news from Rambus now and then, but nothing really impressive. The reason that Rambus isn’t a reckon with anymore seems to be that the DRAM manufacturers in Taiwain has simply frozen out Rambus from the market. This is at least what Rambus claims happened from 1999 to 2002. We have already reported about the 2.3 billion fine Samsung suffered for illegal cartels during this period.

But now Rambus wants to push this further and reveal documents that shows that the manufacturers was trying to remove Rambus from the market. The DRAM manufacturers claims that the documents Rambus wants to see contains caompny secrets which can’t be revealed, but we will have to wait and see who will win this struggle. If Rambus wins its future is looking quite bright.

Source: Business Week

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