Rambus has now been given right in one of the patent struggles it has been fighting. This one involved Rambus and Hynix where the latter had been accused by Rambus of intruding on the company’s patents when it made its DDR SDRAM memories. The court decided in Rambus’ advantage that will result in a $306 million compensation from Hynix sales in the USA between June 2000 ’til the end of 2005. This is just the first of the patent struggles that Rambus has going on as it is aiming to make Hynix stop selling DDR, DDR2 and SDRAM, this part of the trial will start this summer. Hynix is far from the only ones that is being sued though, Rambus has also sued Samsung Electronics, Nanya Technology and Micron Technology. And considering this success who knows where Rambus will stop with its suits.

Source: CNET

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