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Samsung has today presented a 70″ LCD TV intended for the retail market. The previously largest LCD TV was 65″ and Samsung will demonstrate this new monster on August 23 at International Meeting on Information Displays (IMID) 2006 in Korea.

According to Kim Sang-Soo, VP of Samsung, the panel has been improved compared to previous versions through better image quality, viewing angles and color reporuction during moving images. The TV handles up to 1080p resolution at a frequency of 120 Hz (a regular LCD TV use 60Hz) and a viewing angle of 180 degrees, both ways.

Other specifications:
Contrast ratio:     2000:1
Brightness:   600 nit
Response time:  Less than 8ms
Antal colors: 1,07 billion

Samsung will start producing the new 70″ TV during the first half of 2007 and this will make it possible for Samsung to start competing with both plasma and projector technology size-wise.

Price of this beast has not been made official yet, but something tells us it won’t be cheap.

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