Small preview imageSamsung SGH-i310 is believe it or not a “regular” mobile phone, but except from being able to call people and that it looks like a phone there are other details that makes you wonder. First of all SGH-i310 has a storage capacity at 8GB (!), I.e. 8GB in a mobile phone to store music, photos and perhaps other files. A significant update from Samsung’s SGH-i300 that had 3GB capacity and the new model uses Windows Mobile 5.0 as operating system, a common OS for smartphones. Except for a mini-harddrive at 8GB SGH-i310 has a 2MP digital camera with flash, video recording and playback, TV output, music playback, two speakers, Bluetooth, USB2.0 and support for MicroSD for those who wants more than 8GB.

Samsung SGH-i310 is simply a phone crammed with features and Samsung will display it at CeBIT this week, before it is expected to arrive during the second quarter.

Source: SamsungHQ

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