Intel X79 will be the chipset that will keep track of the new enthusiast processors og the Sandy Bridge-E family, and a lot has happened since we first hear of it. The latest stories tell us that Intel has stripped some functionality, including PCI Express 3.0. Instead it seems like several motherboards will sport 8 memory slots.

The first samples of Intel X79 motherboards that was shown had to settle for four slots – one for each channel, but after Intel removed both SATA ports and PCI Express support the motherboard makers have done what they can to add more memory slots, not entirely easy since the only thing they can do is double them.

Even if most people are fine with four slots there are many LGA1366 users that will be disappointed that it had to leave two of the six modules on the desktop when upgrading to LGA2011. After talks with Taiwanese motherboard manufacturers we have it confirmed that they have decided  to go with a number of Intel X79 motherboards sporting eight memory slots.

This makes it possible to build systems with 32GB RAM, or even more when 8GB modules are readily available. And should make it easier for LGA1366 users to migrate their entire hardware selection to the new platform.

Both MSI and Gigabyte have shown Intel X79 motherboards with eight memory slots, but according to our information this is something more companies will adapt, at least with the heavier artillery.

8dimmMSI X79A-GD65 (Picture: Xbit Labs)

One thing is for certain, it will be crowded on most X79 motherboards since both the LGA2011 socket and eight DDR3 slots will require a lot of room.

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