Better gaming performance, with dynamic lightning and physics

We have only talked processor and battery time so far, but this is NVIDIA and the first thing most think of is graphics. Also the graphics in Tegra 3 has been improved, and it is a big part of the Tegra architecture.

Tegra3_8Tegra 2 comes with eight graphics cores, based on the NV40 architecture – the same used in the GeForce 6 series (not the coming 600 series, but the old 6 series). Not without improvement since it took a while before the competition appeared, and worked past Tegra 2 in graphics performance that is still doing well.

But Tegra 3 instead sports twelve graphics cores based on the G80 architecture used in the 8 series graphics cards. Graphics performance will be 3x higher than Tegra 2, and support more realistic effects. On the list is primarily dynamic lighting and physics, but also improved GPGPU functionality to allow the graphics cores to do more than just rendering games.


Over 15 games are in development especially designed for Tegra 3, and more games are being updated to support Tegra 3. What it means is that these titles will support several new special effects, like water reflectsion, dynamic lighting, physics with destructable objects and more. Games that are designed for both Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 will get more eyecandy activated with Tegra 3. in the NVIDIA Tegra Zone there are exclusive games to download, a list that will have over 40 titles before the end of 2011.

The focus is one more than just gaming with a touch screen…


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