Small preview imageThe processor is without a doubt the most talked about component in your computer and probably the most vital one. To get a well functioning computer you simply need a processor that can handle the workload. Even of there is meter after meter of texts it’s very rare with an indepth explanation of the actual processor. At ExtremeTech they’ve now published an article that answers theses questions, they dig in deep and tries to explain how the processor communicates with the of the computer, how you order the processor to work and what the proecssor consists of.

Not even ExtremeTech claims to be able to fit everything on a processor into one article, which is completely understandable as a processor is very complex. Especially the latest generations of processors that is nothing else but engineering masterpieces. But ExtremeTech’s article is still a good start for those who wants to know more about processors and how they work.

:: Read on at ExtremeTech

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