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Mobile Internet Devices looks get their big breakthrough with the Moorestown platform if we are to believe Intel. Today already there is a great need for hand-held devices that enables users to go online and do the most basic tasks like reading e-mail or look for information. Netbooks are a bit clumsy in that case and smartphones are in turn too small, at least the displays are. MIDs can be justified thus and Nokia among many have made some serious attempts with its N810 Internet Tablet.

USI has now announced a creation it calls MID-160 that uses Intel’s Atom processor. The device was shown at IDF in Taipei and sports a 5″ display that covers more or less the entire device that will act like a direct link to the Internet no matter where the user is located. This is possible thanks to a whole range of network support;

“In order to make the MID thin and light, MID-160 uses an in-house small footprint WiMAX SiP (system in package), a dual-band WiFi/WiMAX module, and a 3G module from Option — all packaged into a device featuring a customized ultra-thin 5-inch panel display.”

A bit surprisingly, USI MID-160 lacks keys, but instead it has a touchscreen that sports a virtual keyboard instead. The iPhone-like design will most certainly attract the looks of couple of customers, but there will be a couple of months before we can pass a final judgment.

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