Origin PC has launched a new monster PC called The Big O that leaves nothing to chance. The Big O can be had with dual Xeon processors, four GeForce GTX 480 and a RAID configuration with Vertex 2 SSDs. Add to that a built-in Xbox 360 video game console.

Origin hasn’t just installed the console inside the case but included it with the other components and cooled it with water, which enables users to enjoy the latest PC games but also the vast amount of Xbox games available.

The Best of Both Worlds
The Best of Both Worlds: Console or PC, not anymore. ORIGIN PC gives you both with the ultimate setup an integrated liquid cooled Xbox 360 slim.

Previously mentioned components aside you can add more storage units and a Blu-ray burner. With up to two hexa-core X5680 processors you might think that is enough performance for most, but Origin overclocks the processors to 4.3 GHz and feeds them with 24GB DDR3-2000 memory, if the wallet allows. To power this monster there is room for two 1000 watts power supplies and the only drawback is the price that starts high and can easily be pushed to twice that.

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