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Vizo Armada is a quite simple product, since it’s after all only a cooling solution utilizing fans for cooling RAM modules in a PC. Noteworthy may be that ever since Corsair and OCZ launched their memory coolers, the interest for RAM cooling fans has increased a lot. The relatively unknown accessories manufacturer Vizo Technology Group has decided to join the battle with the two giants by launching their own RAM cooler in hope to use the current high memory fan interest at the moment to their advantage. Vizo Armada is a lot like the Corsair Dominator fan, with three fans and a universal installation procedure.

At RB Mods, they have taken a closer look at the cooler, and even if you really shouldn’t expect any huge overclocking boosts only because of the cooler, it just might be a fine way to lower the temperatures on your overheating modules. Especially since it’s not going to be nothing like expensive, with an estimated price of $10 USD in stores.

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