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Microsoft will launch the next generation operating system for PCs, Windows 7. The idea was to launch the seventh generation Windows Mobile at the same time. Unfortunately it didn’t get any further than version 6.5 that launched last week and even if it does solve a lot of problems with previous versions it is painfully clear that it is still far behind the competition.

The first previews (Gizmodo, Engadget) of Windows Mobile 6.5 are not happy with what Microsoft has done and the longing for a new Windows Mobile architecture is growing stronger and stronger.

Fittingly enough the savior for Windows Mobile 6.5 could be a mobile phone that uses a custom user interface on top of Microsoft’s new OS. HTC HD2, which was developed under the code name Leo, is one of the cooler mobile phones on the market sporting 1GHz Snapdragon CPU and 4.3″ touchscreen (480×800 pixels).

HTC uses its own HTC Sense interface that looks a lot more appealing that Microsoft’s default interface.

Microsoft’s future on the mobile phone market is anything but certain since the question most people seem to be asking after seeing HTC HD2; can I get it with Android?

HTC HD2 – The savior of Windows Mobile 6.5?

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