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Microsoft recently published the final requirements for its coming operating system Windows Vista and with some points the demands were pretty steep. Especially the graphics card and RAM requirements are something that will put even modern computers to the test. At TechWeb they’ve now published an article that not only discuss Vista’s system requirements, but also compare them to the previous requirements Microsoft has announced for all previous major Windows launches. Everything from Windows 3.0, which was launched in 1990, with among other things, a 286 processor and 640K of RAM at minimum to Windows XP, which in 2001 was launched with a requirement of a 233MHz processor and 64MB of RAM. Now the turn has come to Vista and those who have taken a look at the next generation system requirements knows that bar has ben raised rather a lot this time.

Extra concerning is that they point out that Microsoft’s minimum requirements are often too low and are usually not enough to make the OS work satisfactory. Something many can surely agree with. Just imagine running Windows XP with a 233MHz processor and 64MB of RAM…

:: Read on about Windows’ system requirements through the ages

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