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We have at several occasions reported about the competition that is simply known as “Windows XP on an Intel Mac”. The task was simply to make Windows XP work with an Intel based Mac and do a dual-boot installation with both Mac OS X and WinXP. The competition received a lot of publicity and despite a collected prize money at over $10 000 it took quite a while before anyone managed to solve the puzzle. For the first time someone has managed to make a real Windows XP installation work with an Intel Mac. The two users that managed to succeed with this are known as Blanka and Narf, except for the honor they get to share the prize money: 13 854 dollar.

An historical even and the interest for the solution presented has been almost overwhelming with loads of forum threads and information about succesul attempts to make your Intel Mac dual-boot Windows XP and Mac OS X.

Exactly how well everything works, drivers and such, it still a bit uncertain, but we will most likely hear more about this soon. Today it seems the solution works with all Intel based Macs except for iMac 20″, but a patch is coming.

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