It was recently revealed that Intel’s coming processors for the 4000 series may be require currents lower than power supply standards dictate. In the light of this Taiwanese Enermax has released a press release where it says all of its power supplies of the high- and mid-end assortment will be fully capable of delivering the low currents required by Haswell.

Since Intel’s new processors comes equipped with new energy saving modes, called C6 and C7, the current requirements when idle will drop from 0.5 Ampere to 0.05 Ampere on the 12 Volt rail. This is a highly impressive reduction of load, but it may also be problematic for some power supplies. Many models may not be able to deliver stable voltage at such low currents, and above all it has been hard to find detailed information about this issue.

Enermax has taken the opportunity to remind the public of its ”Zero Load Design”. The technology delivers stable voltages at even 0 watt load and thus is capable of supporting both C6 and C7. The technology is already available with many existing units and even some older models no longer marketed.

The series included are partly Revolution85+, Modu87+ and Pro87+, which are no longer sold, and all available units in the mid and high-end segment; Triathlor, Triathlor FC, MaxRevo, Revolution87+ and Platimax.


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