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Panasonic has, through its Japanese mother company, Matsushita Electric Industrial, announced a new series of LED monitors that aren’t just huge, but also sport an amazing brightness. The Astrovision/AZ-LE12F series is 40% brighter than current models, or to be more precise; 5,000 cd/m². For comparison, a modern LCD monitor sports a brightness of about 500 cd/m². Of course, this isn’t a high definition TV, but the model Panasonic recently presented measured 200″ and can easily be seen from long distances thanks to its bright LED pixels.

“The screen measures 3 m vertically and 4 m horizontally (5 m diagonal, approximately corresponds to a 200-inch screen). Pixel pitch is 12.5 mm with each pixel equipped with a small SMD (surface mount device) type “3in1 LED,” which boasts excellent RGB blending.”

Picture from Tech-on

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