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Yesterday we reported about how Plextor was exiting the CD/DVD market. Information that was from a press release made by the mother company Shinanokenshi pointed to that Plextor would leave the retail CD/DVD market, but it all just seems to have been a great misunderstanding. Both Shinanokenshi and Plextor LCC has now officially announced that Plextor will still be making optical drives the same way as before and that it is still aiming to be among the leading actors.

“This announcement by Shinano Kenshi will have no material affect on the operations of Plextor LLC, as we already completed a corporate reorganization in North and South America last year. Our business will continue as usual,”

There is nothing pointing to any real changes and it seems that Plextor with its rich past will still be a force to reckon with. Something we can only consider positive.

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