NVIDIA has released the first official WHQL driver for the latest graphics card series GeForce GTX 400. The cards that launched two weeks ago are still nearly impossible to find in stock, but more cards should come in during the week and by then we have official support with this new driver. GeForce 197.41 supports both GeForce GTX 470 and GeForce GTX 480, along with PhysX version 9.10.0129 included in the package.

There doesn’t seem to be any detailed information on the drivers, but just that these are the official WHQL drivers for NVIDIA’s latest GeForce graphics cards.

GeForce 197.41 WHQL (Windows 7/Vista 32bit)
GeForce 197.41 WHQL (Windows 7/Vista 64bit)
GeForce 197.41 WHQL (Windows XP 32bit)
GeForce 197.41 WHQL (Windows XP 64bit)

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