Intel has pumped in a lot of capital into its Ultrabook concept: superthin notebooks with decent performance. Next year the company aims to add support for touch monitors together with Windows 8.

Paul Otellini, Intel VP, revealed at a conference that ultrabooks with touch screens and Windows 8 wll be the main focus for Intel in 2012. To reach there Otellini says it has to gain control of the costs for the touch technology and that Microsoft’s next generation of Windows is the right platform to start with.

“Starting with Windows 8, you have a mainstream operating system incorporating touch. Our view is that in the ultrabook lines, touch is a pretty critical enabler. When users see that new Windows interface, they’re going to want to touch it. If the screen does nothing, you have disappointed [the] consumer,” sa Otellini

To achieve the goal of touch-friendly ultrabooks Intel has planned to use, among other things, its 300 million ultrabook fund to speed up the development for the more cost efficient touch technology, which will be the key to next generation ultrabooks.


Intel’s launch of the energy efficient processor architecture Ivy Bridge and its 22nm technology us expected to boost the ultrabooks substantially, with both better performance and more intelligent circuits for adjusting performance and energy consumption depending on the situation and use.

Source: CNET

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