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Kingston is working hard to stay at the front of the memory development by launching memory modules with really high capacity. A few weeks back we reported about the first 2GB SO-DIMM modules from the manufacturer and now it has continued down the same path by launching new 2GB memory modules. But regular consumers will have to wait until they can use 4GB+ RAM in their systems. The modules are namely registered ECC memories and for workstations and servers. Kingston launches its new ECC DDR2 modules specifically for AMD’s Opteron platform and does it in a cooperation with both AMD and the motherboard manufacturer Tyan.

“The new Kingston 4-GB 533 and 667 MHz DDR2 DIMMs are designed to support the growing need for high-density memory in AMD Opteron processor-based servers,” said Mark Tekunoff, senior technology manager, Kingston. “By partnering with technology companies such as AMD and TYAN, we are enabling our customers to deliver quality servers to the market,” added Tekunoff.”

The new modules are parts of Kingston’s ValueRAM series, but we still have a hard time accepting the prices at 1,690 USD and 1,270 USD for the 667MHz and 533MHz modules. But when the modules have a capacity at 2GB each we end up with 4GB RAM which will fit inside most systems without problems. Kingston ValueRAM 4-GB 667-MHz is already being shipped but you will have to wait until December before you will be able to find the cheaper ValueRAM 4-GB 533-MHz.

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