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Memory maker Mushkin continues to launch new products and after recently presenting its venture of NVIDIA-based graphics cards it is time for the Solid State Drive market. Mushkin has announced the new Europa III series that sports memory controller from Samsung. Samsung S3C29RBB is used by multiple SSD companies, including Samsung self, Corsair and OCZ (Summit).

Like competing drives the unit is rated at 200MB/s write speed while the drive can achieve read speeds up to 220MB/s. Storage capacity is set to 250GB and Mushkin’s first drive of the Europa III series comes in 2.5″ format with SATA II interface. The power consumption is specified to 0.15W when idle and the MTBF to 1 million hours.

Price and availability is not yet decided but the drive called esi25607 will, just like all other SSDs from Mushkin, ship in a stylish aluminum case, seen below.

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