Sony has presented two new monitors developed for the TV business to be used in studios and other environments where image quality is of the utmost importance. Sony’s new Trimaster EL screens are the largest OLED monitors made for the commercial market at 25″ and 17″, and promises better performance than current LCD screens.

Sony presented the new monitors during a press event in Tokoyo where it focused on the advantages of the OLED technology. Among others Sony demonstated how the organic technology of the panels – that doesn’t require any backlighting – results in better blackness and color reproduction than equivalent LCD monitors.

“This is breakthrough technology for applications where visual performance and accuracy are paramount, offering an unbeatable combination of image reproduction, color accuracy, reliability and stability.” kommenterade Gary Mandle, produktchef på Sony Electronics Professional Solutions of America grupp

Sony’s Trimaster EL monitos is anything but cheap, the prices at of 1.3 million YEN and 2.4 million YEN respectively for the 17″ and 25″ model, but that is in fact only 10% higher than the LCD screens they intend to replace. The monitors sport 10-bit RGB and 1920×1080 pixel resolution and 178 degrees viewing angles. 

Sonys 25-tums Trimaster EL BVM-E25 will start selling in April while the 17″ BVM-E17 will have to wait until June. If this is a sign for that OLED is starting to get closer to retail we will leave unsaid.

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