Sony revealed a new LCD technology last week. The tech is called Hybrid FPA (Field-induced Photo-reactive Aligntment), which according to Sony will result in loads of improvements with LCD monitors, like response times, contrast and manufacturing time.

Basically Sony claims to have found a more optimized way of placing the crystals, how the passing light is affected and how the picture is presented. Hybrid FPA builds on Sony’s older technology also called FPA, but has been changed so that the crystals are forced into a more stable mode, which results in better control, more exact and less power.

Aside from contributing to ‘picture quality enhancement in 3D and high frame rate video’, this technology will improve ‘product stability’ during the display panel manufacturing process as well as after long-term use. Additionally, this technology will achieve production efficiencies by reducing the manufacturing process and time.

This will result in faster and more even picture, as an effect of this the screen gets better white and black colors with less delay. Hybrid FPA improves the placement of the crystals, which has been proven to result in response times at under 3ms. This is a major step forward and will benefit both gamers and movie enthusiasts.


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