Swiftec has launched the all new H20-X20 “Edge” which is a compact water cooling setup, but with capacity of a full size system. The cooling consists of two units; radiator with integrated pump and the water block.

The pump is a MCP-35X and it is PWM controled and can be adjusted between 1300rpm up to 4500rpm, to enable users to adjust the system for best performance or least noise. The radiator is a MCR-Drive Rev 2. Swiftec uses a new version of the Apogee XT CPU block called Apogee XTL. Swiftec bundles mounts for Intel’s 775/1156/1366 sockets. You only need to contact them to get an AM2/AM3 mounting sent out.

According to Swiftec the advantages of this is system is that you can extend it to graphics cards if you want. You can also swap the water block, or any other components, when upgrading.

Swiftec has launched two different packages. H20-220 Edge with 2x120mm radiator and H20-320 Edge with 3x120mm radiator. More information can be found here.



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