AMD is said to have come a long way with its next generation graphics card architecture and according to the latest rumors it all comes down to when TSMC and its 28nm technology is ready. AMD has informed us that in the middle of June it will do a preview of coming GPUs, which will most likely become Radeon HD 7000.

During AMD Fusion Development Summit (AFDS) on June 13-16 Eric Demer, VP and technology officer at AMD graphics, will speak and offer a summation of the latest development at AMD. Among others the transition to aVLIW5 architecture from VLIW4 with Cayman and Radeon H 6900, but also the development of APUs and how this affects software development.

The highlight of the keynote is called ”Evolution of AMD’s Graphics Core, and Preview of Graphics Core Next and looks to become the overview Demers is expected to give of AMD’s coming generation of graphics circuits where it will show some of the news the circuits has to offer. We don’t have any high hopes for details or functionality, but hope that AMD will release some information about a pending launch in Q3 or Q4 2011.


AMD is currently working with its first 28nm graphics circuit architecture code-named Southern Islands that has passed tape-out. This mens the base design of the circuits is finished and it can start test manufacturing of the GPUs. Even if AMD will be able to stick to its usual schedule the launch can be threatened by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company whose 28nm technology may be late.

When AMD gets the manufacturing of its 28nm circuits going they are expected to launch as Radeon HD 7000.

Source: AFDS

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