Small preview imageAthlon 64 X2 has just as most other desktop processors an IHS (Integreated Heat Spreader) that sits on the processor. This is simply the big metal plate which many mistake for the core. This is a protection for the core, e.g. so it won’t be crushed when installing the HSF (HeatSink and Fan). This doesn’t necesserily mean that an IHS is to prefer at all occations and some decide to remove the heat spreader to get better cooling or reach higher frequencies. This is just a member at HardOCP has done, with the help of a razor blade he has risked the life of his X2 4400+ processor. The result was positive though and the new processor came out ok, except lacking the IHS. The result didnät improve the overclocking potential, but did result in considerably lower temperatures.

Up ot 6 degrees lower temperatures at load was reported, which is quite good. We can’t recommend such a procedure though, as it may very well cost you your processor if anything goes just a teeny, tiny bit wrong.

Source: HardOCP


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