Memory maker Corsair will officially unveil the new DDR3 memory series Vengeance later this week, but today there is already complete information out on the web and the new modules target enthusiasts looking for the most bang for the buck, and relatively low voltages.

The new modules operate at 1600 MHz and if choose the 2GB module kit the timings are set to 8-8-8-24, while the 4GB modules come with 9-9-9-24 timings. All modules operate at 1.5V, which is a bit lower than the 1.65V that most high-end modules require.

Corsair Vengeance will according to sources to NordicHardware offer Dominator-like overclocking potential with a price between the top models and the traditional XMS series. Stores have already started listing the different Vengeance kits and prices look promising. To make sure the modules live up to their potential Corsair has equipped them with new heatsinks that might be tricky to fit under a wide CPU cooler.


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