Small preview imageIntel has always been quick with adopting new memory technologies, something it has been very criticized for. Neither Rambus nor DDR2 have been a success for Intel, but the latter will be adopted by AMD next year and will then most likely become the primary memory type on the market. Now it seems that Intel is getting ready to move on to the next generation of DDR-SDRAM, namely DDR3. The memory manufacturer Elpida now says that it has started shipping DDR3 modules to Intel and even if it is just test modules it shows that Intel is in the middle of evaluating the new memory technology.

Elpida has shipped both 512MB and 1GB-modules to the chip manufacturer and the speeds is suppose to be 1066MHz. DDR3 is expected to appear on the market before the second quarter of 2007, but who knows.

Source: TG Daily


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