Google’s VR glasses Glass is still months from launch for consumers, but the work between Google and software developers is at full speed. At the developer site the software giant has released the source code for the kernel of the operating system.

Together with superficial instruction on how to get root access in Google Glass you can now download parts of the source code for the operating system and an IMG file with the factory settings at Google Developers. In other words developers can freely modify the operating system of their test units, although not without warnings from Google.

”Warning: Rooting, unlocking, or flashing your Glass voids your warranty and can leave your device in an irrecoverable state. You will no longer receive OTA updates if you unlock or root your Glass. There is no guarantee that you will receive OTA updates even after flashing back to factory specifications. Proceed at your own risk.”

The developer or user that tries to do this will no longer get automatic updates from Google, and it is not certain that updates will be available when the unit is reset after being modified. Google also warns that the unit may become unusable, and that if it does become a brick you should not expect any support or warranty coverage.


The fine print aside there are many imaginable possibilities with an unlocked Glass. For example developers would be able to change activation phrase (currently ”OK, Glass”), or support for pairing with other operating systems than Android.

More information and files are available at the Google Glass developer site here.


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