Intel Ivy Bridge is still way into the future and if we are to believe the latest rumors Intel’s first 22nm processor has been moved up to March-April 2012. Despite that pictures have surfaced and a couple of tests have leaked. It’s a dual-core version with HyperThreading clocked at 1.8 GHz.

Ivy Bridge is the successor to Sandy Bridge that shrinks the architecture and brings a more powerful graphics processor. On the graphics side there is talk about an increase from 12 to 16 execution units with DirectX 11 and OpenCL 1.1 support. We also expect lower power consumption than the already efficient Sandy Bridge, a new version of Intel Turbo Boost and improved Intel QuickSync for accelerating transcoding multimedia.

IB1 IB2 

The first pictures of an engineering samples of Ivy Bridge with B0 stepping

IB5 IB6 

BIOS picture and Windows 7 installation

The first tests show an engineering sample with two cores clocked at 1.8GHz with four threads thanks to Intel HyperThreading, and 4 MB L3 cache.

IB9 IB10
IB11 IB12
IB13 IB14

Performance of the new processor looks to be the same as Sandy Bridge, but we have to consider that this is an architecture with almost nine months to launch and in that time much can change, for example a more mature BIOS. We would like to see some more tests of the graphics portion of the new chip.

Ivy Bridge will be pin compatible with older LGA1155 motherboards, but will be released with a new chipset with USB 3.0 support. When Ivy Bridge Intel will go focus big on the new Ultrabook concept we have discussed in the past.

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