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Graphics solution with one or several GPUs are becoming more and more common, at least among the hardcore users. These solutions delivers excellent performance and in some cases close to double up the performance of one card. Both NVIDIA and AMD are working hard to improve their solutions and as we could see in the latest driver update they are both constantly solving more and more problems. Anandtech has published a series of articles where they analyze how different 2, 3 and four way systems work.

”Over the past few weeks we’ve been benchmarking and analyzing lots of numbers. We’ve looked at single, two, three and four GPU systems across multiple games and resolutions. The configurations we chose to look at are current generation high-ish end hardware capable of operation in 3-way and 4-way configurations. Because of the sheer volume of data we collected, we’ve decided to break up our analysis into multiple articles.”

Part one focuses on two-GPU configurations.

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