Small preview imageNintendo DS Lite is the name of the sequel for Nintendo’s mobile video game console DS. Nintendo DS as we know it today will be phased out this summer to make room for a slimmer version. DS Lite is identical to the current when it comes to features and functions but Nintendo has managed to slim the console quite a lot. Not only has it managed to reduce size and weight but also improve the design with among other an ”iPod-white” theme. DS Lite is 20% lighter than DS with its 218g compared to 275g for the predecessor. Nintendo DS Lite is expected to hit the market in Japan next month already and the question is when the rest of the world will be able to lay their hands on the console.

Maybe you should think again if you’re about to buy a DS today. At the same time it seems Sony is working on an improved Sony PSP.

Source: RegHardware


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