Intel has already presented its second generation of the Atom N series called ”Pine Trail” for the laptop and net-top market. It was believed that Moorestown would be the the natural successor of the Atom Z series, whereas new information suggests that this is not the case. Instead this new information tells us that the new Z series will be called ”Oak Trail”. The Atom Z series has a lower power consumption than its cousins in the N series and aims at MIDs, UMPCs and some netbooks.

Oak Trail is to be a SoC solution which will be more efficient than today’s Atom Z5xx series and even if this is just unconfirmed rumors, the speculations are already in full swing.

At PC Watch, that has published information regarding Oak Trail, speculations tells us that the new Atom Z platform might be an x86 version of Moorestown. As the latter probably won’t support x86 and in other words the Windows operating system.



Oak Trail is rumored to be a SoC solution where most of the functionality is built into a single chip just like the Pine Trail, and doesn’t demand additional chips like the last Atom generation shown on the picture above.

So far, this is just unconfirmed rumors, but Intel has said that it has big plans for the mobile market and even if Moorestown without doubt is an exciting CPU, we wouldn’t mind if it were to have an x86 partner.

Source: PC Watch through


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