Cooling specialst Scythe has presented new members of the Gentle Typhoon series. They measure 120mm and are high-speed models, and generate a very large airflow. The high-end version spins at 5400 RPM and pumps out 150.1 cubic feet per minute at 50.5 dBA.

Scythe launches three models of the Gentle Typhoon series that operate at 3000, 4250 and 5400 RPM respectively. All three fans are 120mm models and should be considered as a mean for maximizing the cooling with no noise considerations. It doesn’t quite reach the same levels of noise as the latest fans from Koolance but unlike Koolance, Scythe has chosen to stick with a thinner profile, 25mm vs. 38mm.


D1225C12B7AP-29 D1225C12B9AP-30 D1225C12BBAP-31
Speed 3,000 RPM 4,250 RPM 5,400 RPM
Airflow 83,0 CFM = 141 m³/h 116.5 CFM = 198 m³/h 150.1 CFM = 255 m³/h
Noise 36.5 dBA 44.0 dBA 50.5 dBA
Power consumption 2.64 W 6.72 W 13.68 W
MTBF 100,000 hours 100.,000 hours 100,000 hours

Scythe’s fans sport dual bearings and ships with 4-pin power connectors and 3-pin connectors for monitoring.


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