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SuperTalent FSD28GC25M is a 2.5″ SSD with 128GB storage capacity. It may not be much in comparison to mechanical drives sporting several hundred gigabytes, but when compared to most other SSDs, it’s a quite impressive figure. Most SSDs can only store 32 or even 64GB, and the capacity along with the price per GB is often considered the biggest drawback of current SSDs. While performance is often showered with praise, especially the latest generation of SSD with write speeds close to 100MB/s, SuperTalent has chosen a different path; performance has been sacrificed for storage capacity.

Its 128GB SSD comes with plenty of storage, but at the same time, the transfer rates are not the best. At PCStats they’ve taken a closer look at SuperTalent FSD28GC25M, and even if the access times are still impressive, the main attraction of the Solid State Drive technology, it can’t keep up in regular file transfers.

We can only hope to see more SSDs and then hopefully with the best of both worlds. Unfortunately the price is still a big factor here. SuperTalent’s 128GB namely costs $4,000, despite the poor transfer rates.


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