The FX60 is AMDs’ latest dual core monster, running at 2.6GHz on each core. Gloatwizard, member of Deep Overclock Team yesterday posted a thread over att containing his FX60 + dry ice benchmarking. He managed to make a CPU-Z Verification at 3.8GHz, which I believe is the highest frequenzy ever attained with an AMD Dual Core CPU as of today. However, speed is nothing without stability and he managed a SuperPI 1M run at 3.5GHz. Now here’s something I want you to think about, how much heat would a dual core at 3.8GHz produce during load? I looked it up, and at 3.8GHz and a vcore of 1.8V it would produce about 266W (under load that is). At 3.5GHz it would ”only” produce about 200-220W. Let’s hope to see some more impressive numbers later on, just think what a benchable Dual Core CPU at 3.8GHz would do in 3dMark and PCMark.


:: CPU-Z Validation The Computer

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