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ASUS Eee Top is a concept much like Dell XPS One or Apple iMac. It’s simply a computer that is more or less a 15.6″ monitor by the looks, and ASUS even uses a touchscreen to simplify navigation. This means you don’t need a keyboard or a mouse to use the computer. ASUS has developed a number of applications optimized for touchscreen navigation, but beneath the surface we find Windows XP, and ASUS Eee Top ships with mouse and keyboard for the less touchscreen-friendly programs.

ASUS claims that Eee Top will be close to completely silent with a noise level of 26dB and the idea is that you should be able to move it around easily. The only thing you need is a power outlet, I.e. if you’re using the wireless networking support (802.11n) otherwise you will need a cable for that too.

Unfortunately ASUS has not revealed any detailed specifications, but the heard of the system is supposed to the acknowledged Atom processor from Intel. The ET1603 model will also house an ATI Radeon HD 3450 graphics circuit, but the very existence of this model is being disputed.


There is no official pricing information, but some sources claims that the price will be around $580 in the USA, which sounds quite reasonable all in all.

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