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The sales of graphics processors are going up at a steady rate and in the third quarter more than 111 million GPUs was shipped out, which is a 22.5% increase year-to-year. The numbers published by Jon Peddie Research also show that the sales are up compared to the second quarter 2008, up by 17.84%. This is possibly due to the back to school sales. Additionally, we should mention that this is the biggest annual increase in six years.

When looking at the market shares it is still Intel that dominates through its integrated graphics circuits. It has 49.4% of the GPU market while AMD has moved up from 18.1% to 20.6%. NVIDIA has had to turn in a few shares as the green camp dropped from 31.4% to 27.8% since the second quarter. Interestingly it is Intel that has increased its market shares the most with a whopping 16 percentages in a year. In the third quarter 2007 Intel owned 33.4%.

NVIDIA is the one manufacturer that is losing right now and we’re very eager to see if its GeForce 9300 chipset can reclaim the lost shares. Especially as it has now managed to grab Apple from Intel, a really big customer.

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